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Organic Incense Sandal, Pack of 50 sticks


Hand rolled pure sandalwood masala incense/agarbatti. Chemical and toxin free. Ethically sourced. Natural herbs, roots & essential oils. Pack of 50 sticks

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There’s a wondrous wood with a creamy touch.

It’s earthy aroma we’ve hand rolled with love.
Sandalwood! The satiating smell of which would calm your nerves and fill your space with serenity.


An ageless tradition for new beginnings, burning incense is an essential ritual celebrating the rich Indian experience. Made with ethically sourced raw materials, these masala incense sticks are a mix of medicinal herbs, exotic roots and essential oils of sandal, bundled together in crisp brown paper packages. The trick to create the desired ambience is to burn them a few moments in advance.


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