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Organic Incense Patchouli


Hand rolled Patchouli Incense/Agarbatti (Pack of 10 sticks). Chemical and toxin free. Ethically sourced. Natural herbs, roots & essential oils

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The musky-earthy fragrance of Patchouli

Reminiscent of the fragrance of wet soil after the first rain

For some, it’s the scent of nostalgia

For some, it’s the scent of love and freshness

But for all, it is equally mesmerizing

Isha Life Patchouli Incense Sticks are rich with the unique fragrance profile of Patchouli (shrubby mint), an evergreen herb from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. A strong woody fragrance with complementing sweet and spicy notes, it makes you feel exhilarated and alive.

One of the best selling Agarbatti of Isha Life, light a couple of sticks while  doing your sadhana.


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