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Isha Balm (20gm). Ayurvedic balm for cold, headache & muscle pain.




The unconditional care of a true friend,

Gently massaging our back after a tiring day

Being by our side, as we heal through cold and congestion

Handing a kind touch on our foreheads when we feel stressed

Isha Balm is the natural companion you need

Who helps soothe all your pain


One of the best-selling offerings of Isha Life, our Ayurvedic Pain Relief Balm is an effective remedy to treat headache, muscle pain, cold and cough. An original 100% natural formulation, it combines the traditional benefits of raw camphor with the refreshing effects of mint, fennel, lemon grass and other herbal ingredients. Packed in a small jar, massage it gently over your area of pain whenever you feel under the weather.


Suitable for use by all adults and children over 2 years of age, Isha Life’s Balm is a must-have remedy for every Indian household


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