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Kesh jyothi herbal hair wash powder (500 gm).



A traditional hair wash routine has been part of the Indian culture for ages. Fingers running through the blend of Shikakai and other herbs, it’s the process of becoming one with nature. The herbal fragrance and the earthy texture of the blend remind you of your roots. As it calmly settles on your hair, you can experience the cooling effect that soothes your scalp. Kesh Jyothi, it’s the natural cleanse you need for a ‘Good Hair Day!’


An offering of the ancient Siddha wisdom, Isha’s Kesh Jyothi Herbal Hair Wash transforms your bath time into a more calming, relaxing and refreshing experience. The inclusion of Shikakai naturally cleanses the scalp without stripping natural oils. Poduthalai, Karisalankanni and Ponnangkanni are rare medicinal herbs included for their remedial effects on the scalp. It’s our daily opportunity to stay connected with nature and become conscious about leading a chemical-free life.


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