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Bhairavi Raksha – Small


Consecrated Bhairavi Raksha (new design) – Small Size. Devi’s shield of grace and protection.

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On the ornamental copper surface

The fire of the feminine resides

Her third eye piercing through the Vibhuti

And bestowing her infinite grace

To protect all those under her shield

An offering of the traditional Rasa Vaidya, Isha Life’s consecrated Bhairavi Raksha is the embodiment of the mother-like protection of the Divine Feminine. It is an exquisitely designed consecrated bracelet with Linga Bhairavi’s image nested on the front. It is covered with a Vibhuti coating to help preserve Devi’s grace at its highest potential. Molded in an adjustable copper cuff, wearing it in close contact at all times helps bring physiological balance to your system.


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