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Nandi Statue


Isha Life’s Nandi Statue. Miniature Replica.

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Eyes wide open, he sits still and alert

The symbol of waiting- the greatest virtue in Indian culture

Reminding us to simply just be, without anticipating anything in return

He shows us that meditation is not just an activity

It is indeed a quality

The closest accomplice of Shiva, Nandi is the essence of receptivity showing us the way to be closer to the larger dimension of existence. An exact miniature replica of the Nandi outside the Dhyanalinga at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Isha Life’s Nandi statue is a finely crafted aluminum sculpture that can be kept in your pooja room along with a Dhyanalinga picture and an Adiyogi Statue.

Dimensions (in inches)

Length: 3.9

Height: 2.9

Breadth: 1.7


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