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Sprouted Wheat Flour, 500 gm Rating: 100%


Why Isha Life’s Sprouted Wheat Flour?

  • 100% natural product
  • Low carbohydrate content
  • High nutritional value
  • Easily digestible

How to consume it?

–         Sprouted wheat flour can be used in exactly the same manner and quantity as regular un-sprouted flour.

–         It can be a substitute for regular wheat flour, to make delicious roti, chapatis, parathas, laddus, and many other dishes.



As we all work towards achieving a healthier lifestyle, small changes we make in our diet go a long way. Just like upgrading to sprouted wheat  flour for our chapatis, rotis and parathas every day.

Isha Life’s 100% natural flour is made by milling sprouted wheat grains, which are more nutritious than regular flour from un-sprouted grain. Comparatively, it is also more flavourful as well as easier to digest.

Bring home the natural goodness of sprouted grain and see the difference. What’s more, we ensure that this flour does not contain any added preservatives


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