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Sadhguru Chant Box (New) with 5 Consecrated Chants


This new chant box features 5 consecrated chants by Sadhguru which help create a conducive ambience in the surroundings.

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According to Sadhguru, sound can set the right kind of ambience within your physiological, psychological framework and in the atmosphere. And, chants can be a key to access deeper dimensions of your existence. Because, chants are believed to create sound vibrations, which release positive energy.

Feel the higher vibrancies that create the right atmosphere for your inner growth with our Sadhguru Chant Box. Listening to chants can enhance your meditation and help calm your mind by removing any anxiety. This new Chant Box features the following 5 consecrated chants by Sadhguru:

  1. Brahmananda Swarupa
  2. Shiva Shambho
  3. Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya
  4. AUM Namah Shivaya
  5. Vasthu Shuddhi


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