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Consecrated Devi Saree


Handwoven red consecrated cotton saree with golden zari paisley motif and green border in between

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An offering of timeless beauty

Adorning the sanctum sanctorum of the Linga Bhairavi

Its natural fabric reverberating with her fierce yet compassionate energy

Drape yourself in her infinite grace

Drape yourself in the Devi Saree

Devi Consecrated Sarees are sarees that are offered by devotees of Linga Bhairavi to the goddess, as an expression of love and devotion. The sarees soak in the grace of the Linga Bhairavi in her abode at the Velliangiri foothills for a certain period, after which they are offered to devotees.

Sourced from weavers in Kanchipuram, Karaikudi, Theni and Erode, all the Devi sarees are handwoven in a variety of fabrics such as chettinad cotton, silk and cotton mix.

An absolute woman of ultimate proportions, the grace of the Linga Bhairavi guides you in your life journey with her mother-like grace. It is particularly beneficial for the devotees to adorn themselves with a Devi Consecrated Saree during important events in a women’s life such as wedding and pregnancy rituals. A unique way to emotionally connect with the Devi, the saree can also be a part of your daily wardrobe.

The sarees can also be hung in any place of sanctity to bring the protective and compassionate energies of Linga Bhairavi to that space.

The Mangalya Balasutram that comes with the sarees can be tied to your Mangalsutra or placed in your pooja room to feel the grace of Devi.


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